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Thrivent Financial commits $12 million to Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity partnership

For the eleventh consecutive year, Thrivent Financial is committing millions to stabilize, strengthen and secure communities in 2016 through its unique partnership with Habitat for Humanity International called Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity.

In 2016, Thrivent Financial will partner with Habitat to construct, rehabilitate, or repair over 850 homes in the U.S. through the Thrivent Builds Homes and Thrivent Builds Repairs program. Up to 160 teams will also travel across the globe or across the US to build homes through the Thrivent Builds Worldwide program. From the partnership's inception in 2005, Thrivent and its members have now committed more than $226 million and more than 4.7 million volunteer hours.

The partnership consists of three programs with Habitat for Humanity: Thrivent Builds Homes, Thrivent Builds Repairs and Thrivent Builds Worldwide. These programs allow Thrivent to partner with Habitat and families with limited resources in the construction, rehabilitation, or repair of affordable housing in communities across the United States and abroad. Since 2005 the Thrivent Builds programs have built or repaired thousands of homes in partnership with Habitat Homeowners.

News Releases

Thrivent Financial renews Habitat for Humanity partnership in 2015 with $12 million commitment – (January 22, 2015)

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