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Members of Thrivent Financial Enjoy a Discounted Trip Cost

Thrivent Financial is committed to helping members be wise with their money and inspiring them to live generously.

We follow through on this commitment in many ways, including offering eligible members a discount on their trip costs.

If you're a Thrivent Financial benefit member (age 16 or older, have applied for and been accepted into membership, and own Thrivent Financial insurance or annuity products), you are eligible for a trip discount.

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Giving Back, Living Generously.

As a fraternal benefit society, living generously has been part of our purpose since our founding in 1902. Many companies give back, but with our organization, it's not just Thrivent Financial giving back to the community – it's our members getting involved in causes they're passionate about.

Funding for programs like Thrivent Builds comes from our tax exemption as a fraternal benefit society. When we sell our proprietary annuity and insurance products, money we would otherwise pay in taxes on those products goes to support charitable, religious, educational, social and patriotic activities that benefit members and their communities.

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Benefit members of Thrivent Financial

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Standard donation to hosting program is made by Thrivent Financial on behalf of team members.

Premier Destinations – $350

Destination of Choice – U.S. $300

Destination of Choice – Non-U.S. $500