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Typical Trip Week

"The most meaningful thing I experienced in El Salvador was knowing that my work clearing a jungle-like field of brush and trees will soon become the land for a family's home. Spiritually, I was reminded that giving produces results greater than my gift. God was present more in one week than I feel in one year at home."
– Jeff Olson
El Salvador Premier Destination Trip Participant

Generous Hearts Plant Seeds of Hope

Imagine yourself – your children – living in a "home" made of tin and cardboard. You do all that you can to provide for your family. But the forces of nature are against you.

Hurricanes, mudslides and earthquakes sweep your dreams away, along with your make-shift home. And the cycle of poverty begins again ... through no fault of your own.

As a Thrivent Builds Worldwide trip participant, you'll help build simple, earthquake-resistant houses. You'll work alongside partner families who are gracious and giving and whom you'll soon call friends. You'll help restore hope ... by building homes.

Make Today Your 'Someday'

Lead a trip and you will experience the joy of making a real impact on a family and a community by helping where it is needed the most. As the team leader to this Premier Destination, your trip costs are covered.

Join an existing trip and know what it feels like to "be" the difference in people's lives.