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"It's hard work. At the same time, it's the best work because it reaches your soul."
– Diane Simon
Thrivent Builds Worldwide Trip Participant

Learn new skills – exercise your talent. Experience new cultures – exercise your mind. Meet new people – exercise your heart.

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Thrivent Builds Worldwide empowers you to change lives – including your own. It will guide you across the country or across the world to families and communities in need of a helping hand – and a generous heart – so that you can help them thrive.

No special skills are required. All that's needed is a generous heart.

Multiple Options Available for How, Where, and When to Give Back

Thrivent Builds Worldwide provides options to put your generosity in motion. You can:

  • Immerse yourself in a new culture through a one week Premier Destination trip with a preset itinerary and budget; or
  • Participate in a Destination of Choice trip to one of over a dozen catalog destinations.

Two Ways to Get Involved

Lead a Trip

Lead other members and volunteers on a trip to another state – or another country.

Join a Trip

Join a trip and put your generosity into action in a new way.

A Partnership That Continues to Build

A home is the biggest financial asset most families own and is the key to achieving economic independence. Thrivent Builds Worldwide is part of a partnership between Thrivent Financial and Habitat for Humanity to help end poverty housing and deliver new solutions to help communities thrive.