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Let Your Membership in Thrivent Financial Help You Change Lives

Lead other members and volunteers on a trip to another state – or another country. You'll experience a different culture. Learn new skills. Meet new people. And see firsthand the impact your membership can have as you build hope by building homes.

Your enthusiasm, generosity and personal leadership skills can be the catalyst to help your church, family and friends experience a life-changing trip!

Start the Process to Become a Team Leader

  1. Verify that you meet the team leader requirements (see below).
  2. Verify your Thrivent Financial membership.
  3. If you have not yet led a trip or attended team leader training, email to request a team leader application.
  4. If you have led a trip and attended team leader training, complete and submit the team interest form (Word, 82K) to

Effective for 2014 Trips

Trip Experience
Trip Cost
Without Airfare
Team Leader
Training Requirements
Affiliate Donation on Behalf of Thrivent Members
Standard itinerary Team leader's trip cost & flight included Member Non-member Member and advocate of Thrivent Financial Habitat Global Village In-Person Training Online TBW training Online Global Village training modules (6 hours)
Premier Destination Trips
Joplin, Missouri
(4-day trip)
checkmark checkmark Starting at $2501 Starting at $4751 checkmark   checkmark checkmark $4,000
Joplin, Missouri
(7-day trip)
checkmark checkmark Starting at $4501 Starting at $6751 checkmark checkmark checkmark   $8,000
El Salvador
(9-day trip)
checkmark checkmark $675 $1,030 checkmark checkmark checkmark   $8,000
(9-day trip)
checkmark checkmark $950 $1,300 checkmark checkmark checkmark   $8,000

Costa Rica
(9-day trip)

checkmark checkmark $950 $1,300 checkmark checkmark checkmark   $8,000
Destination of Choice Trips – Catalog of more than a dozen trip locations available
Catalog locations (PDF, 446K) checkmark checkmark2 Planned by team leader $500 more than member checkmark checkmark checkmark   $8,000

Team Leader Requirements

  • Thrivent Financial for Lutherans benefit membership. You are considered a Thrivent Financial benefit member if you are age 16 or older, have applied for and been accepted into membership, and own Thrivent Financial for Lutherans insurance or annuities.
  • Participation in at least one international Thrivent Builds Worldwide or Global Village trip (waived for those leading trips in the U.S.).
  • Ability to recruit the ideal team size of 10-12 team members.
  • Attendance at team leader training.
  • Complete a Red Cross First-Aid and CPR certification prior to leading the trip.
  • Be at least 24 years old.
  • Interview and acceptance by Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff.

Team Leader Training

You will need to obtain team leader training to prepare you for leading your Thrivent Builds Worldwide team. Available training options depend on your specific trip. The Thrivent Builds Worldwide staff will provide you with more details about the following team leader training requirements.

Your Trip Expenses are Covered

We understand the important role played by a Thrivent Builds Worldwide team leader and covering your expenses makes it affordable for you to take the lead in making a difference for the members of your team and around the world.

  • Joplin1,2, El Salvador, Costa Rica & Nicaragua Premier Destination Trips – Team leader trip costs are automatically covered; travel expenses will be reimbursed on a tiered basis depending on the size of the team you recruit, up to the average flight cost for that area of the world.
  • Destination of Choice2 – Team leader costs are covered if the team leader chooses to include them in the trip budget.


1 Thrivent Builds volunteer engagement specialist will create a budget with the team leader. The starting trip costs listed do not include car rentals and gas in cases where the team drives to Joplin.

2 Team leader costs are covered for Destination of Choice trips if the team leader chooses to include them in the trip budget.

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